Our Story

When the pandemic struck, Dhruv (the founder of Neo) was working remotely for a Toronto, Canada based SaaS company and while he had worked remote previously, this time was different - due to the pandemic everyone had to suddenly work remotely, which led to many Slack conversations and meetings on a daily basis.

This made it extremely challenging to get work done and more so, get deep work done. So many synchronous meetings (sometimes over 1-2 hour long Zoom sessions) could have been asynchronous updates. Not to mention, the difficulty of managing work and getting through the week. Moreover, it was difficult for everyone - from employees to managers to leaders. While employees struggled to get through their week productively, managers and leaders didn't know what was being done, which led to a vicious cycle of more meetings!

Something had to be done, and done quickly...

That's when it struck! What if there were a way to:
  1. Help remote workers plan their week with goals
  2. Have light-weight updates that aligned with these goals
  3. Effectively and asynchronously let teammates know if they were stuck
  4. Have a way for these updates and goals to be searchable over time

Check-ins helped achieve all the above objectives! With regular daily light-weight check-ins that are aligned to goals, teammates can update what they're working on, alert teammates when they're stuck or need help, tag goals and projects to those checkins, and keep track of their responsibilities week on week.

And finally, with a lot of experiments, iterations, and sooo much coffee, Neo was born! We hope we can make a positive effect on your work life, please reach out to us at hello@neoteam.app for any feedback 🙂

We hope you achieve all your professional and personal goals!